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Digital Advertising


What is Digital Advertising?

The purpose of digital advertisements is to advertise and sell the products that users need while surfing the internet. In addition, many digital advertising agencies cooperate with well-known people with many followers on social media to advertise the product and increase sales rates.

Thanks to digital advertising, it now enables a wider and more accurate target audience to be addressed. You also do not need to spend hundreds of thousands of lira to get digital advertising services. It is enough to know in which field the service is provided in digital advertising and what the target audience needs. In addition to these, advertisements can also be created according to age and gender according to the region.


Digital Advertising

Social media is very important in digital advertising. Nowadays, the use of smartphones by individuals aged 40 and over and their orientation towards social media has expanded the digital advertising network. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, which now have a large user base in the digital environment, are among the most important applications of the internet in the field of advertising.

Thanks to digital advertising and social media, each product reaches its target audience. Digital advertising has a higher success rate in reaching target audiences compared to other communication tools. For this reason, advertising activities are generally concentrated in these areas. The interests of each individual are different. For this reason, the right target audience should be reached with quality advertising. An advertisement about musical instruments in front of someone who has nothing to do with music is one of the examples of unsuccessful advertising. But how is it possible to know people's interests? I know what you are thinking. Algorithms in the digital environment clearly reveal which areas users research and what they look at. Thanks to these algorithms, the interests of users are recorded in the background and you just need to choose the type of ad and the platform you want it to be published on. Thanks to algorithms, your ad is delivered to the right target audience and enables more people to buy the product.


What Are the Differences Between Digital Advertising and Traditional Advertising?

One of the most important differences between digital and traditional advertising is flexibility and accuracy.

Flexibility: While digital ads are published within minutes, the printing and distribution process in traditional advertising takes time. In addition, traditional advertising can cause major problems as your ad cannot be changed after it is published. Digital advertising, on the other hand, provides flexibility in editing even after the ad is published. Digital advertising is also extremely flexible in terms of budget compared to traditional advertising. It can be accessed with small budgets through digital advertising and can scale up or down to suit your financial investment.


The hit: This is another difference between digital advertising and traditional advertising. Digital advertising allows you to reach a more accurate target audience with different targeting methods. In traditional advertising, the advertisement published reaches only the people who see it. It is difficult to reach your interested target audience in traditional advertising. In addition, thanks to the digital ad network, you can choose to publish your ads at certain times of the day. In addition, you can prevent those who view your ad once from seeing it again.


Why is Digital Advertising Important?

Digital ads are an important part of a business's marketing strategy. Digital marketing allows you to communicate directly with the masses. Today, people can buy something online at any time of the day. Thanks to digital ads, you can reach your users directly.


What are the Different Types of Digital Advertising?


There are multiple types of advertising and marketing in digital advertising. We have compiled the most widespread ones for you today.


Search Ads

Also called SEM, these ads appear on search engine results pages. They are usually text ads that appear above or next to organic search results.


Display Ads

These are types of ads that use visual elements such as pictures or animations or text elements. They are online advertisements within websites.


Online Video Ads

These are ads in video format. Video ads run in places similar to display ads. In-stream video ads, on the other hand, are activated at the specified time in the video and reach the user.


Content Broadcast Media Ads

Also known as OTT. It is delivered over the internet without satellite or cable.


Audio Ads

A type of ad that plays before and during online audio content, such as music or podcasts.


Social Media Ads

Social media ads are usually displayed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.


How Do Digital Ads Work?

There is no single answer to the question of how digital ads work. Since there are many types and formats of ads, there are ads that are easy to run as well as ads that are more complex to create. There are also different targeting methods, so the working logic of ads varies.


How Much Does Digital Advertising Cost?

Cost is directly proportional to the service you receive in advertising as in every field and sector. At the same time, the advertising format is another main factor affecting the price.

Cost per click, or CPC, is a pricing model where you pay each time a user clicks on your ad. It is the most widely used pricing method. Likewise, pay-per-click (PPC) is a cost model that is applied in the same way.

Another type of cost is the CMP method. It means cost per 1000 impressions.


Types of Digital Advertising

  • Display ads (Display ads): Display ads, also known as banner ads, are a type of online paid advertisement that is usually prepared as an image.

  • Social media ads: This type of advertising is a type of advertising that aims to reach more people in the shortest time. Companies generally prefer this type of advertising now.

  • Digital search engine advertising (Google Adwords): Search engine advertising is a type of advertising also referred to as SEM. Ads are created with keywords so that they can be displayed on search engines. The best part of this type of advertising is that no fee is paid for the impression. In search engine advertising, you are charged every time your ad is clicked.

  • Mobile digital ads: This is the type of AdWords ad that is displayed on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets. When creating an ad, the option where the ad can be displayed is marked as mobile.

  • Video digital ads: This is a type of advertisement prepared in video format. This ad format is published on channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

  • PPC ads: PPC, which stands for pay per click, is one of the most widely used types of advertising. It is an online one-to-one advertising where the ad publisher is paid each time a link is clicked.

  • CPM digital ads: The CMP advertising method also means cost per click, the only difference is that the cost per 1000 impressions is calculated.


Digital Media Agencies

They are the companies that carry your brand to the digital world and carry you forward with strong advertising strategies. It professionally carries out the necessary advertising activities on your behalf to increase your awareness in the digital environment and to deliver your company to the right target audience. The digital advertising agency you will work with plans all the necessary strategies to move you to better places and allows you to get quality results with the right steps. In addition, working with a professional advertising agency prevents you from wasting money by taking the wrong action.


How to Measure Digital Advertising Statistics?

The statistics of digital ads are always important. In order to evaluate the advertising campaigns, the following statistics are taken into consideration

  • Number of clicks on the ad
  • Number of ad impressions
  • Ratio of ad impressions to clicks
  • The number of people the ad was shown to, i.e. the number of reaches
  • The number of people who watched the video ads in their entirety by the users to whom they were shown
  • Ad conversion rate
  • Return on advertising spend, i.e. the profit you get from advertising in relation to the budget you spend on advertising


What Should You Pay Attention to When Placing Digital Ads and Agreeing with a Digital Advertising Agency?

First of all, you should entrust your advertising activities to people or companies that are experts in their field. Advertising campaigns should be closely monitored and campaigns should be intervened in case of something possible. Advertising campaign results and returns should be analyzed to see if the cost made provides the desired return.

As Tox Media, we work with our expert staff and years of experience, we prepare, share and follow your advertising campaigns in the most efficient way. Your Digital Ads are under the day with Tox Media.


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