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Facebook-Instagram Ads

Today, widely used Facebook and Instagram applications serve millions of users. Therefore, Facebook and Instagram are known as the most preferred platforms. Thanks to this awareness, it is possible to say that businesses dealing with E-Commerce are one of the best choices for advertising. In Facebook and Instagram advertising, a sector-compatible plan should be created for the purpose determined first. These plans are for social media marketing.


  • Facebook and Instagram ads have many positive benefits for your business.
  • Increases brand awareness.
  • Thanks to the published advertisements, it increases your sales policy.
  • Thanks to these social media platforms, you increase the traffic of your business website.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads will be a very effective type of advertising for your brand when used professionally. You can advertise with visual and video content on Facebook. As Tox Media, we have succeeded in increasing the sales, brand awareness, and number of followers by providing Facebook advertising services for many brands. Facebook, which is almost at the forefront of digital platforms and holds 800 million daily mass users, is a very valuable social media platform for brands to market their products.

Facebook provides services with many different types of advertisements. In line with your brand's target audience, we ensure your integration with these ads and adjust your advertising budget in the most accurate way. You can increase the number of your followers with the ads you can direct to your Facebook page and you can announce your brand to large audiences faster.


How Much Are Instagram Advertising Fees?

Instagram advertising fees vary depending on the type of ad you place. However, Instagram advertising fees may vary depending on the number of audiences you determine, with a minimum of 20 TL per day and a maximum of 1500 TL. Instagram advertising fees vary completely according to the number of audiences you want to reach and the duration of the advertisement. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about a net Instagram advertising fee.



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