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Google Advertising

What are Google Adwords Ads?

Google adwords is an internet advertising program provided by google. With this tool, you can get new customers, expand your sales network and reach the right audience more easily. It is also very easy to advertise. You can start advertising on adwords in just a few minutes. Let's clarify a confusing issue for you. Google Adwords is the old name of Google Ads.

You can reach the right audience at the right time by using the advantages of Google adwords advertising. The most important of these advantages are as follows;


Targeting: With this feature, your ad is shown directly to people who are interested in the product or service you sell. The better the ad targeting, the higher the returns will be.

  • Word Targeting: Adwords working logic is actually keyword targeting. When the keywords you target are searched in Google, your related ad is shown on the search result page.


  • Demographic Targeting: targeting such as age and location.


  • Timing Targeting: You can change the display rates by targeting your ad on a day and hour basis.


  • Device Targeting: You can adjust the appearance of your ad based on device types.


Budget Controlled: There are no restrictions on Google Adwords fees. You can post ads on Google no matter how much your budget is.


Measurement: If a user interacts with your ad, you can get information about that person's shopping process. Thus, you can track the return of the advertisement you have given.


Google Adwords Ad Prices

Deciding on your advertising budget is entirely your choice. You can allocate thousands of TL for your monthly budget or you can advertise for a few hundred TL. Google Adwords advertising logic is as follows. No fee is paid for the advertisement given. Google is paid per click as your ads are clicked. Your ads will continue to be displayed until the budget you set runs out and will not incur any cost unless there is a click.


How Do I Pay Google?

First of all, you need to have a Google ad account. You can then pay into this ad account by credit card, debit card or bank payment. A maximum daily spending limit can be set for each campaign created. Your ads will continue to be displayed as long as the budget you set is not exhausted.


Google Adwords Word Fees

Google advertising logic works with an auction model. In other words, an auction is held separately for each search query. Those included in the auction with that keyword at that moment are shown on the search result screen according to the ad ranking score. Your ad ranking score is determined by your CPC bid and quality score for each keyword. If there are no other bidders for the keyword you want to advertise, you will be charged the maximum cost per click you have set.


Things to Consider Before You Start Advertising with Adwords Management;


  1. Identify your advertising objectives
  2. Define your target audience
  3. Determine your advertising budget


How to Advertise on Google?

If you want to advertise on Google, just follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Google account
  2. Choose your keywords
  3. Adjust campaign settings
  4. Prepare your ad text
  5. Complete your ad extensions
  6. Embed transformation codes
  7. Edit your billing settings


If these steps seem complicated or difficult to you, you can get Google ads consultancy service by contacting TOX Media. As an Adwords advertising agency, we perform all the necessary steps for you, organize your campaigns and perform your analysis.


Mistakes in Google Adwords Campaign Management

Wrong Keyword Selection: Especially if you are advertising with a limited budget, you should choose your keywords correctly. When deciding on keywords, choose keywords that can be used by people who are looking for your product and need it.

Not Using Match Types: It allows you to control the search queries that your keywords can trigger.

Not Using Negative Keywords: It allows you to control the search queries that you want your keywords not to be triggered. In this way, your ads will not be shown on unnecessary search queries.

Not Segregating Keywords into Related Groups: In order to create individual ads for each ad group, you need to separate your keywords into related groups.

Not Using Ad Extensions: ad extensions allow you to make annotations in your ad texts. In this way, stronger ads can be created.

Using the Target and Bid Selection Incorrectly: This is one of the most common mistakes. The target and bid option is often confused with the bid option.

Choosing the Wrong Landing Page: Always direct users to your homepage. For example, while directing users who want to buy a fireplace to the home page of fireplaces, you should direct your customers who want to buy an electric fireplace to the electric fireplace page. Directing a person searching for an electric fireplace to the wood fireplace page will have negative results.


What Is the Difference Between Google Adsense And Google Ads Service?

To explain briefly and in the most understandable way, Adsense is for publishers and Ads is for advertisers. In other words, if you have a website, blog page and want to make money from it, you buy ads on your page using the Google adsense program. The ads you receive are displayed on your page and you earn income as the ads are viewed or interacted with.

The Google ads program allows individuals and companies to advertise their products or services, focusing on growing their business and increasing sales.


What Does Working with Google Adwords Agency Bring to Your Business and You?

People and companies working with a Google advertising agency can better control budget management and achieve better results by communicating the organized campaigns to the right target audience. Adwords advertising time planning is a very important detail and thanks to Google advertising services, this detail is organized professionally. With the Google adwords consultancy service you will receive, you can make a difference to your competitors and manage your budget correctly with the right strategies and practices.

Agencies carry out the necessary keyword analyzes for you to be at the top thanks to Adwords as a result of the search. It follows the steps of competing companies and contributes to getting the best results.

If you do not have detailed information about the variations assigned to the specified keywords, you may experience excessive and unnecessary budget loss. By working with expert and experienced AdWords consultants, you can organize these variations in the best way and get rid of unnecessary expenses.


TOX Media Advertising Agency

Our aim is to serve ads to the right people, at the right times, with the right text and visuals. The services we offer in Google Ads consultancy are as follows.

  1. Market Research: TOX Media researches rival brands before entering the advertising competition and determines the best advertising strategy.
  2. Display Ad Planning: We make plans for the publication of display ads.
  3. Keyword Research: We perform word analysis in the best way that will bring your target audience together with your brand.
  4. Landing Page Optimization: We carry out the necessary special optimization works for your result pages where your ad traffic comes from.
  5. Keyword Planning: After keyword analysis, we plan the whole process by determining which words you will compete in.
  6. Improving Conversion Rate: We constantly monitor the necessary optimizations to increase the conversion rate.


Things to Consider When Choosing Your Google Ads Advertising Agency

Pay attention to whether the Google ads advertising agency you will work with has a real certificate. At the same time, examine the agency's sectoral experience and the work it has done. Ask if the advertising agency prepares detailed reports. At the same time, investigate the company's areas of expertise and service level.


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