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Social Media Management

TOX Media increases the brand and the name awareness by managing social media accounts (Facebook-Instagram) of companies with Professional Social Media Management.

With this:

• It attracks target audience to social media accounts, it increases the number of followers. At the same time, it shares posts by giving information about visual content, product-service advertisement, product-service to social media accounts.

• Apart from this, it ensures that the social media management is done correctly and prevents possible complaints and negative criticisms.

• TOX Media, which aims to provide the best service by making accurate and planned analysis, remarkably increases awareness of the brand’s name and the organic follower gain of corporate companies.


Planning Process


• The focus is for the products to be shared monthly are communicated by you. (Or determined by TOX Media.)


• The products and services are to be planned and researched a unique title and explanation are to be written about the product or service.


• Excel-Date plan is prepared.


• The prepared plan is sent to you, and its approval and revision information is received.


• After the explanation and title revisions, product-service contents are prepared.


• Prepared content images and videos are sent for your approval.


• After the visual and video revisions, the plan is completed.


• Post sharing is done when the completed plan dates come.


Sample social media calendar we have prepared for our partners:



Intermediate approval is obtained at each step.

The next month's plan is completed within the month.


Follower Gain

TOX Media makes the appropriate follower gain for your target audience and purifies it from the unnecessary audience.


• Location-based and purchasing targeting followers in regional companies focus on purchasing targeting followers in global companies.


• By focusing on followers with live interaction, account engagement increases, so the Instagram algorithm reaches more people on the page and posts.


Visual & Video Content Production

• Visual and video contents are designed in accordance with corporate lines and colors, and at the same time, it is ensured that your company's aims and products and services are conveyed to your target audience in the best and most effective way.


•TOX Media uses 3D modeling when necessary in the production of visual content. Thus, it produces realistic visuals.


• You can come to the company headquarters and take photos or montage and edit on the images you send.



Tox Media reports the account level for you on a monthly basis and sends it as a presentation.


  • Accounts Accessed
  • Follows
  • Unfollowers
  • Total Inbound Followers
  • People Reached from Posts
  • Average Impressions of Posts
  • Average Impressions of Stories

Below is the data of our working partners after the TOX Media transfer:






For more information and quotes, contact:

Serhat Mert:

0554 146 82 09