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Ad Animation

What is Advertising Animation?

Animated commercials are digital videos prepared by animating graphics in line with certain scenarios in order to promote a service or brand. It is one of the most widely used types of advertising in marketing strategy. If the animated commercial is prepared in an interesting way, its impact and return will be very high.

We encounter thousands of commercials on television and social media every day. Many of them are prepared with animation method. A brand manages to stay more in mind with the animations it uses in its advertisements. If we need to give an example of animation work, the character in ozmo egg head ads is animated with animation.


But why are animated commercials so effective?

Animations are a powerful marketing element. This method, which is frequently used in digital marketing, attracts the attention of users and increases the memorability of the brand. While the content of the commercial to be shot with a video camera is limited, you can reveal your imagination in animated commercials. Animated commercials are the easiest way to convey your commercial to the audience. Thanks to these commercials, you can convey many complex things and your message to the audience in a simpler and more effective way. In short, the graphics, events and characters you use allow you to simply explain what you want to tell.


Animation Promotional Video Preparation is Cost Effective

Neither creating an animated commercial nor hiring an animation company requires a high budget. Contrary to popular belief, preparing an animated commercial film is quite suitable compared to live commercial shooting. Thanks to animation advertising works, you can convey an idea or event to the audience with more than one scenario.


How to Use Animation?

Animation advertising works are usually broadcast on screens at the entrance in offices. In this way, it provides prestige to the incoming customer. In addition, animation advertising works are also used on billboard boards. Another usage area of animation advertising works is social media and TV advertising

You can get very good feedback if you put these animations you have made or had made as advertisements on social media or television channels. You can also publish your video in the advertising spaces in public transportation vehicles.


Animation Types

Since animations are created in foreign countries, all the words have become common in English. But no matter which animation producer you tell these words to, they know them all.



This type of animation, which is translated as whiteboard in Turkish, is the most popular type of animation in our country. It is the name given to animations created on a white board.


2D Animation Advertising Movie

As the name suggests, they are video shows prepared in two dimensions.


3D Animation Advertising Movie

It is a type of animation created in three dimensions.



As the name suggests, this type of video animation, which means spread in Turkish, is the type of animation generally used by broadcasting organizations. If we need to give an example of these animations, news and sports credits, credits used at the entrance and exit of food and politics programs are the best examples of this type of animation.



Known as opener or opener in Turkish. It is the type of animation placed at the beginning and end of each video. Generally, YouTube uses this type of animation at the beginning and end of videos.


Product Promo

This type of animated advertisement, which means product promotion in Turkish, is created to provide information about the product or products.



These are videos prepared to explain the services, sales, profit and loss values of companies.


Paid Animation

People who do not have detailed information about animation preparation are searching for a company to make animation. The important thing is to choose the right animation companies. Although animation or animation preparation seems easy, it requires knowledge and experience. Anyone can prepare animation thanks to online animation programs. But not every animated advertising film prepared gives the desired result. Working with TOX Media, an expert in the field of animation promotional film preparation, increases your brand awareness and helps you get fast results.


Animation Advertisement Preparation

Animation advertising services, which have started to appear more and more with the technology that has become widespread today, are one of the most effective and catchy methods. If we need to explain in order to our users who wonder how to make an animation commercial movie;

  • The project is created and scripted.
  • The storyboard is created and the materials and characters are planned down to the last detail.
  • The necessary preferences for voice-over and music work are determined and adjusted.
  • Characters are drawn and synchronized.
  • Assembly is done.
  • Rendering, that is, the process of turning drawings into video, is applied.


Even though animations are short videos, it can sometimes take days to prepare these videos. If you want to have an animated commercial, but I can't cope with these processes, TOX Media is with you. You can contact us for television commercial animations, social media animations, billboard advertising animations. You can learn detailed and extensive information about prices by calling us and you can create your order online.


Which Programs are Used to Make Animation?

Here are the programs you can use to make animations;

  • Synfig Studio
  • Anime Studio
  • AutoDesk
  • 3d Max
  • Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Blender
  • AutoDesk Maya and many similar various programs.


Advertising Animation Prices

Today, considering the market conditions, animation commercial videos start from 600-700 TL on average and move upwards according to the desired features and duration.

Factors affecting pricing are as follows:

  • Resolution quality of the video
  • How many sizes of video to prepare
  • How many seconds the video will be
  • Scenario and vector works such as infographic, broadcast in the scenario


In simpler terms, 3D video animations will be more expensive than 2D video animations.

Pricing according to animation types is as follows:


  • 3D video animations
  • 2D video animations
  • Infographic video animations
  • Whiteboard video animations, broadcast video animations, opener video animations


The pricing of generic video animations also varies. Sometimes it is more expensive than 3D video animations, sometimes it can be prepared at a very affordable price. Do not forget this information when getting a price.

Everyone who wants to make animated advertising videos is searching for detailed information about animation advertising agencies. After doing market research, you will understand very well why you should work with TOX Media. As TOX Media, we offer professional service with our expert teammates and strive to keep our prices affordable. Our prices are transparent and open. Unlike other companies, we start pricing at a more affordable price, not at the price shown by market conditions. We give the right of the fee we receive to the end and we increase our references day by day with customer returns.

Preparing video animation is labor intensive. From the drawing of the characters to the voiceover, from the movement process to the depth, from the sizing process to the transitions, it is a work that requires effort and attention.

We do our job with the desire to be the first company that comes to mind when it comes to companies that prepare animation commercials. Our priority is always customer satisfaction.

If you want to have an animated commercial film, but you do not know how to make it and how to determine its content, you can call us from our contact numbers and get detailed information. By explaining everything, we can help you get rid of the question marks in your head. The important thing is not to do business, the important thing is to inform you correctly and to give detailed information about animation advertising videos.


How to Reduce Animation Prices?

If you want to reduce the price of an animated commercial, you can change its size. When the animation video works are reduced from 3 sizes to 2 sizes, the price will drop considerably.


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