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Logo Design

What is Logo Design? Why is Company Logo Design Important?

Logos are symbols consisting of words or groups of words that can be used in every field as a corporate. Emblems are symbols. Logo design is defined as graphical designs made by using the emblem and logo intertwined to create the logo. Logo designs can be prepared not only digitally but also in pencil form.


The purpose of professional logo design is to ensure the branding of the person or business. For this reason, logo work is very important for the company. Your corporate company logos are the most important element you will need when creating your website, business card, catalog, signboard and advertising campaign.


What to Consider When Designing a Professional Logo?

Since your logo will actually be the face of your brand, you need to be very careful when preparing it.


  • Graphics and elements that appeal to the image of your corporate identity should be used.
  • Minimal visuals and simple fonts should be used.
  • Your logo should not evoke another company.
  • Colors must be in harmony.
  • A maximum of three colors should be used and exaggeration and complexity should be avoided.
  • Resolution should be considered when preparing a logo.


Why is a Corporate Logo Important?

To put it in the most understandable way, your logo is the signature of you and your company. When considered in this way, you can better understand the importance of the logo. By making a professional logo or having a logo made, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself more easily. Logo design, which plays a very important role in terms of corporate identity, should be unique and memorable. Your company suffers due to the wrongly selected and constantly changed logo. If you have a corporate company logo, it will be easier for the brand to grow.


Logos are also separated within themselves. To give an example, typographic logos are one of the logo types. Logos consisting of only one or more letters fall into this group. The other type of logo is the logos that give information about the company. An example of this type of logo is that a fireplace maker includes a fireplace or fire figure in its logo. There are also logos that consist of both symbols and information about the company. When deciding on your corporate logo, we recommend that you turn to different types of logos that you can create a new image.


What are the Features Wanted in Logo Design?

A logo needs to be both eye-catching and promotional for the company. Such logos have a higher chance of success. We have compiled four main topics that should be in logo design for you.


  1. Originality Your logo and emblem work must be unique. It should not resemble other logos in its outlines. In order for a logo to be completely original, it should reflect an important feature of the organization, not be repeated, appeal to the target audience or remind another emblem.


  1. Aesthetics When preparing a logo, attention should be paid to color, form and fonts. The important thing is to have an attention-grabbing but aesthetically harmonious logo.


  1. Simplicity: Unnecessary details and excessive drawings should not be included in the logo. You can have very striking logo designs prepared by prioritizing simplicity.


  1. Affordability: The prepared logo should be able to be applied to any surface and material. Your logo should not deteriorate and lose its features when scaled down or enlarged. It should be prepared in vector form.


You should now hurry to get your logo design done. Your competitors started to take a step ahead of you in this regard. Thanks to logo and corporate identity designs for you, you will leave your competitors behind again. As Tox Medya, we make your logo design and corporate identity designs professionally. In the continuation of our article, you can find detailed information about logo design prices and you can contact us about anything you have in mind.


What You Need to Know About Logo Design

  1. Why is Youtube logo making important?

The logo on your Youtube profile actually allows you and your channel to become recognizable. We prepare the most suitable logo design for your video channel for you.


  1. Why is Instagram logo making important? Having

a professional logo helps you communicate your message on Instagram. You can have watermarks prepared from your logo that you can also use on the content you share. In this way, you gain brand consistency and professionalism.


  1. What does it mean to make a logo intro?

They are the scenes that make up the beginning of a video. It is combined with the logo, which is the emblem and symbol of the brand.


  1. What does name logo mean

? A name logo is a personalized logo that contains first and last name information. It gives information about the service provided.


  1. Making a Company Logo

We explained in detail what a logo is and how it should be in our article. The most important thing you should pay attention to to make a company logo is simplicity and attractiveness. Company logos that reflect their purpose in the best way increase the awareness of your company and allow you to capture a corporate atmosphere.


In Which Program Is Logo Design Made?

You can use Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop programs to design a logo. We have researched these programs for you:

Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design Program: Adobe Illustrator Graphic Design Program developed by Adobe in 1987 is a program used by many designers. This program allows you to make vector-based drawing. At the same time, working in harmony with video programs gives you a plus. It is an easy program that can be used easily in both Windows and mac environment, even for beginners. It is known as the oldest design program. Supports AI, PDF, SVG, EPS and DWG types.

Corel Draw Graphic Design Program: Corel Draw, which started to be used in 1989, allows you to design logos. This application, which works very fast in the Windows environment, is the most frequently used program in printing houses and digital printing centers today. It is the first design program prepared only for Windows. It supports CDR, PDF, AI and EPS file formats. Paintshop by the same company is a program that allows you to make both vector and pixel-based designs.


Adobe Photoshop Graphic Design Program: It is not a program with a fully vector structure. But it is one of the applications that will help you make logo design. With the shape tool in it, you are provided to make pixel-based vector works. In addition, adobe photoshop graphic design program has advanced image editing feature.


Graphic Design Programs with Free Online Support


You don't want to have your logo design done by an agency, but don't know how to use design programs? Then these applications are just for you. You can get support from online logo design programs to create corporate company logos in-house.

Online graphic design programs that you can make your logo design for free are as follows;

  • Logaster
  • Shopify Online Logo Maker
  • Logo Maker Ucraft
  • CraphicSprings Logo Creator
  • Canva is one of the free online graphic design programs.


Logo Design Fees

Many criteria are taken into consideration when calculating logo design prices. Everything from working time to the desired details are among the factors affecting the price. The most important factor affecting the price is labor. When the content of free logo design sites is examined, it actually offers uniform and irrelevant options. And since this content is offered to anyone who wants to make a free logo, it will be very difficult to make a difference with your logo. The reason why free logo making programs work with uniform logic is that no one wants to offer their work for free with great efforts, hours of work. To have a mid-level logo made, you need to spend at least 400 TL. Depending on the desired features, structure and details, this price can go up to 10,000 TL.


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