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Product Photography

What is Product Photography?

It is the professional shooting of the products sold by a business for use on the website, social media, advertising and promotional activities.

After the shooting of product photos is completed, the photos are made ready for use after the necessary arrangements are made on the photos. It is very important to work with professional people or advertising agencies for product photography. If professional support is not received, product photos will not appear in the desired quality. This leads to both wasted labor and loss of time.


How to Photograph a Product?

There are some points to be considered when taking product photos.

  • Make sure that the camera you use for photography is of good quality.
  • Always use a tripod when shooting products.
  • When shooting the product, shoot more than 1-2 shots to guarantee yourself
  • Focus on the details and nuances of the products while shooting.
  • Simple and plain backgrounds should be used when taking product photos. The reason for this is to make the product more prominent.
  • If shooting small-sized products, it is necessary to use a light box. This method will allow you to find the right light and help you shoot better quality products.
  • Highlight only one product in the photo.
  • If you are going to make product shots with the model, take care to work with people suitable for your company.
  • Take photos in high resolution

You can take your own product promotion photos by paying attention to the details listed above.


Things to Consider in Product Photography

There are some elements that people who will take product photos should pay attention to during shooting. If these elements are paid attention to, it can take more successful and impressive product photos.

  • Professionalism
  • Background
  • Tripod Use
  • Photo Angle and Light
  • Product Details
  • Effect Usage
  • Models


What is 360 Product Photography?

It is a kind of shooting technique that allows products to be transferred to websites. Thanks to the special system, products are photographed from every angle, that is, 360 degrees. When shooting at 360 degrees, it never and never rotates around the camera. On the contrary, the camera is positioned in a fixed position and the product to be photographed is photographed while on a rotating platform. These photos are transferred to the computer and made ready for use after the necessary arrangements are made. The targeted result of 360-degree photography is to present product photos that attract the attention of the consumer and attract attention.

For 360-degree product photography, studio setup is also important. There should be no unnecessary light in the studio. Now that all unnecessary lights are turned off, we can start taking photos.

  • First, background paper is placed at the location where the shot will be taken.
  • Adjustments in the camera are made carefully. In particular, exposure time, aperture, white balance are adjusted.
  • After these settings, adjust the height of the product platform, the distance of the rotary platform from the camera, and the height of the camera.
  • Adjust left, right and backlighting.
  • Especially if you are going to shoot catalog products, turn off the image stabilization feature if your camera has it.
  • Turn off the automatic white balance setting.
  • Prefer manual mode when shooting.


To best showcase products, follow these steps

  • Before photographing the product, clean and prepare the product for shooting.
  • If the product is to be shot in 360 degrees, make sure to place it in the center.
  • Decide how many photos you will take.
  • Make sure photos are taken from every angle. Make sure that the first and last pose in a 360 photo shoot is the same
  • Take raw photos


Concept Product Photography

Many elements are taken into consideration when shooting a concept product. From the type of product to the desired composition, from the competition in the sector to the story of the company, many points are taken into consideration. You can achieve great results with a creative and remarkable composition.


Product Photography Prices


Product photo shoot prices have a variable structure. Every detail from how many products will be shot to the desired concept changes the pricing. It is the most important detail that affects the price factor in the company you will work with. There is a difference in both quality and price between professional product photo shoot prices and ordinary product photo shoot prices. Take care that your product photos are of high quality. Because taking poor quality product shots will cause you to both waste money and leave your company with a bad prospect.

Especially e-commerce photography is an area that requires a lot of care and importance. This is because the better and better quality the promotion of the product you will sell, the easier you can attract the attention of the customer.

The product photography agency also provides information about the most suitable shooting method for you and your company.


Frequently Asked Questions about Product Photography

  • Why is a photo shoot important for product sales?

Product photography is done to reflect your brand image in the best way and to better reflect your products. Having a professional photo shoot is one of the most important investments you can make for your company.


  • What does product photography mean?

While the photographs of the products or services offered for sale by the company on social media platforms, e-commerce sites and advertising works are called product photographs, taking these photographs professionally is called product photography.


  • How to become a product photographer?

You can take the first step by taking a basic photography training. Afterwards, you can improve yourself with product photography courses and become one of the best photographers in the field.


  • What is the job of a product photographer?

The job of a product photographer is to take and edit professional photographs to promote or sell a product.


  • What is photography divided into?

Photography is divided into many different branches within itself. If we list some of them, we can list them as follows. Studio photography, Wedding photography, Documentary photography, Advertising photography, Architectural photography, Fashion photography, News photography, Product photography, Aerial photography, Travel photography.


  • How to shoot products for Instagram?

Our products can be professionally shot for use in Instagram photos. We can also shoot on a concept you want.


  • How should a photo shoot for e-commerce work?

The products you will use in your e-commerce websites, social media or advertising activities must be professional. Unprofessional product shots negatively affect both your company quality and product sales.


  • Why are product photography prices so flexible?

The reason why pricing is so flexible is primarily related to the company you work with and the type of shoot you want. In other words, there will undoubtedly be a price difference between an ordinary product shoot and a 360 product shoot.


  • What should be considered when buying product photography services?

The most important thing you should pay attention to while receiving this service is the professionalism and shooting methods of the photo agency you will work with.


  • What is stock photography?

All of the previously taken photographs that the company requests from its photographers to use in various places are called stock photos.


  • What should be the lighting for a product shoot?

The light source is one of the most important elements in product shooting. When shooting the product, you need to use at least two light sources to give depth to the product.


  • What does freelance photographer mean?

In the simplest terms, a freelance photographer is a freelance photographer. In other words, people who shoot without being affiliated to any studio or brand are called freelance photographers.


  • How should product images be used on e-commerce sites?

When presenting products on sales platforms and e-commerce sites, photos taken from multiple and different angles should be used to better explain the product.


You can contact us for any of the questions above or anything else you are curious about. As TOX Media, we carry out all photography operations with our professional teammates and offer better and quality service.


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