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Corporate Seo

Enterprice SEO is the SEO work done for corporate companies to appear in the first place in search results. It is very important for corporate companies to be in the first place in the search results for the company image. All professional SEO work contributes greatly to the awareness of brands.

All companies and sectors have different goals. In order to achieve success in SEO studies and to raise the company on the right path, a special study suitable for the business must be carried out.


How To Make Enterprise SEO?

We can say that SEO studies begin with determining the goals of the company. In line with these goals, the company's expectations, needs, competitor analyzes and sector analyzes are made. These stages enable SEO studies to achieve effective results. Planned and implemented studies always yield positive and effective results. Tox Media, we are responsible for carrying out our work with special processes for your company and industry in all your SEO works. How Is Enterprise SEO Done? We can see how the sub-headings of the question can be done in the most effective way with the following studies;

  • Researching of keywords

Keywords are one of the most important studies in increasing site traffic. High traffic keywords in compatible with the site, target audience and company sector should be identified.

  • On-Page SEO Works

On-Page SEO is the most important studies for corporate SEO. If SEO works are done for a site that has not yet been established, a suitable domain is taken and the foundation is started to be discarded. Due to the fact that the net and short domain names remain in mind, the rate of traffic is as high. Therefore, if the domain names are meticulously selected when choosing domain, it will be a positive step for the company. On-Page SEO works within the scope of the content, visuals, commodity tags placement, site speed work, mobile compatibility and On-Page links are very important for website visitors.

  • Website criteria

Easy to understand, simple and naturally designed, thanks to the homepage, internet users spend longer time on the site. Because difficult pages can create the idea of creating a waste of time for users. With this situation, it is useful to use the website, products and services plain and original. It will be a place to apply the methods that enable visitors to visit the site to spend longer time on the site. Blog posts, news, visitor reviews and question-answer fields are the ideal methods of keeping visitors on the site.

  • Off-Page SEO Works

One of the most important steps for Off-Page SEO studies is backlink purchase and the other is indexing. When buying backlinks, attention should be paid to the quality, number and spam score of backlink in order to get positive turns. The biggest factor to be considered when buying backlinks is to avoid excessive number of backlinks. This may damage SEO studies.

  • Reporting

Tox Media shares you with the reports of regular work to follow the results of the SEO studies.


Enterprise SEO Service

SEO, which offers significant advantages for businesses, can be difficult for you to carry out the work of the company within the company and can waste you. Because SEO is one of the studies that require expertise. As TOX Media, we will carry out your SEO works that your company needs with our expert team members as TOX Media.



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