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E-Commerce SEO

It is very important for e-commerce site owners to be at the top of search engines. You will be on the top permanently thanks to the indispensable E-Commerce SEO studies to increase organic traffic, increase in brand awareness and increase in sales. With Google ads, you can drive traffic to your site and gain a place at the top of the search engine, but it will be very costly for you. E-Commerce SEO will help you with this.


Keyword Research

Keyword research will be an important work in the beginning of your SEO strategy. For your e-commerce site, you should find out which search terms your target audience uses and what kind of searches they do. These searches will be keywords that appeal to your industry and target audience. You can start creating useful and SEO compatible content on your e-commerce site with the keywords you specify.


What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the part of finding search engine queries relevant to your business and potential customers. Keyword research can tell you how to rank and prioritize logical, relevant groups and how you can create new content.


Competitor Analysis


One of the main purposes of SEO work is to get ahead of your competitors who appeal to the same target audience as you. Regular competitor analysis is required in SEO activities.

It is quite easy to find out which sites are your competitors by doing a Google search about the product and the services you will offer. Learning the keywords, backlinks and organic traffic sources of these sites will be useful in your SEO activity. You can use this information with SEO analysis tools like Ahrefs and Semrush.


On-Page SEO Optimization

E-commerce SEO work plays an important role in the preparation of the content, pages and products on your site. You can do on-site SEO work efficiently by producing unique titles and content for product pages.


The use of H1 tags in product titles, the use of tags such as H2-H3 in sub-headings, the use of tags such as H6 in articles in this way are also very important in SEO work. Writing the content of the product in an original way, duplicate articles and repetitions that can be considered as spam should be avoided.


Backlink Setup

Link structure is an important point for search engines. Identifying category and product links according to keywords creates an advantage in terms of SEO work.


You should adapt the correct links we have given in the example to your site in this way. You should not forget that this work will be given a high score in terms of SEO work. In addition, checking your web page regularly and correcting non-working links will increase your SEO score.


What is the Importance of SEO in E-Commerce?

Conducting good SEO work allows you to eliminate your competitors directly and keep the full focus of your potential customers. The work you carry out with the right e-commerce SEO techniques ensures that users who are interested in your products are interested in your brand.


What are the Advantages of SEO in E-Commerce?

E-commerce SEO work plays a role in appealing to an audience that is difficult to reach with traditional advertising (Outdoor Advertisements, TV Advertisements, Billboard Advertisements, etc.) and in the recognition of your brand. By conducting a good SEO work, you can increase brand awareness without the need for high budgets for advertising and promotion. The biggest advantage of SEO work is that your site is known as a reliable source.


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