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What is SEO? What is SEO Service?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. By optimizing websites with search engine algorithms, it allows them to rank higher on search engine result pages. Thanks to SEO studies, an organic increase in search engine result pages and an increase in the amount of traffic is achieved. In this way, you can ensure that your services and the products you want to sell come to the fore and you can get closer to your goals.


Why is SEO Search Engine Optimization Important?

The first structures that come to mind when it comes to search engines are Google, Yandex and Bing. There are millions of websites within these search engines. Considering that each website has separate internal pages and redirects, we can understand that there is a very high competition. In order to achieve the desired result, you need to be able to stand out in this competition. SEO works can also enable you to take part in this competition and even stand out. It is quite difficult to get on the first page of Google search results organically, but it is not impossible. With the SEO consultancy service you will receive, you will be able to rise organically in Google search results.


How to do SEO?

Search engine optimization is a type of work that requires continuity and expertise. While performing SEO work, attention should be paid to multiple sub-work areas and hundreds of details should be examined. If we need to summarize SEO studies under 3 categories, we can list them as follows:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site SEO

These main categories that we have mentioned are actually areas that host many sub-areas. SEO work must be done as a whole. So if one of these 3 main categories is missing, your SEO work is not complete.


What is Technical SEO?

It is the optimization work carried out on the software in the background of websites. Technical SEO studies are the most important factors that directly affect Google search results. Considering the criteria requested by search engines, you need to optimize the software part of your site in the best way. This optimization aims to maximize the user experience and send the best signals to search engines. The most important subheadings for technical SEO work are as follows;



Websites with HTTPS extension means that they have SSL certificate. Websites with SSL certificates guarantee more secure service to their users. Since Google and other search engines are user-oriented, SSL certificates are mandatory on websites.


URL Structure and Broken Links

All URLs on your website must be SEO compatible. In other words, special characters should not be used. In addition, we should not have broken links on your page. When these details are taken into consideration, you will have an SEO compatible URL work.


Site Architecture and Sitemap

Websites with a properly structured site architecture are perceived as user-friendly in search engines and thus your site will be one step ahead. By creating a site map, you can more easily show the architecture of your website to search engines.


Structured Data

It is the method used to provide the most important and up-to-date information about web pages and at the same time to increase their relevance. Pages with professional and complete structured data processing will have an advantage over other sites in SEO.


Mobile Compatibility

The fact that the website you have is mobile compatible will raise you in search engines and make your users comfortable.


Site Speed

It is very important to give your users the best experience and get the results they are looking for in a very short time. In addition, the opening speed of the website can also cause your users to increase or decrease.


What is On-Site SEO? How to Perform On-Site SEO Works?

In-site SEO is also called On page SEO. It is the name given to the optimizations carried out in the internal structures of the sites. Internal SEO studies affect your rankings and traffic rates on the search engine results page. We can list On-Page SEO works as follows;

Original Content Management: How much original and unique content you offer to users is a very important factor for ranking in search engines. The original content you create on your website can bring you very high traffic rates. If you want to rank first in search results, you should take care to share free content. If the content you share is not original or copied, you may face heavy penalties by Google. These penalties are sanctions with very big consequences. For example, you may face penalties such as manual spamming and removal from series due to sharing duplicate content.

Here are the elements you should pay attention to during content production;

  • You must share completely original content
  • The content you share must be SEO compatible
  • You should include keywords in the content you have prepared
  • You should produce clear and informative content for users.
  • You should integrate images and video materials into the content you share.
  • You should stick to the heading structure.
  • You should pay attention to the density of the keywords you use and not use more keywords than necessary.

Title and Description Edits: Title and Meta descriptions are the first elements seen by the user and are very important for our content. Meta descriptions, Title and description descriptions directly affect your click-through rate. It reflects positively on your ranking. In fact, these arrangements are the areas to adjust how your site will look in search engines. Positive signals can be sent to search


engines by organizing these parts in a way that will affect them. In order to make these signals the most efficient, we have listed the criteria we need to pay attention to for you below.

  • Title works, that is, your page titles should not exceed 65 characters.
  • You must include your keyword in your page title
  • You should add descriptive and striking texts in the meta description section
  • You must use title on every page
  • You should include title tags at least once in your content
  • You should set your meta descriptions to no more than 140 characters
  • You should include your keyword in meta descriptions


Visual Optimizations

The images placed in the content make the content more attractive. However, care should be taken to ensure that the images used are SEO compatible. Images used without paying attention to SEO compatibility damage our website. For this reason, image optimization should never be skipped and ignored. You can prepare your images perfectly by paying attention to the details below.

  • You should add alt text for every image used in your content
  • The images used should be prepared in png, jpeg, svg, webpg format.
  • Your images should have the smallest friendly size possible. We recommend a maximum of 100 KB.
  • Hosting your images used on your site on cdn servers will give you a plus
  • You should not include too small or too long text on our images
  • You should use original visuals
  • You should take care that the images you use are not in gif format


Keyword Selections

Keywords are one of the most important factors that directly affect Google SEO efforts. The most important thing to consider when performing SEO search engine optimization is keyword selection. Ranking high in search engines requires a very difficult and long-lasting work in competitive words. In this regard, we recommend that you get SEO work service for the site. Because SEO work for the website is vital. A wrong action can bring you more harm than benefit. You can get detailed information about SEO packages and monthly SEO prices by contacting TOX Media.

It is not a process that can be done in one go to get results after keyword selection and to rank first in search engines. Below we have listed the details you should pay attention to when choosing keywords for you.

  • The difficulty of the keyword should be considered
  • Keyword competition rates should be investigated
  • Care should be taken not to use the same keyword in more than one place within the site. Keywords used more than once will cause damage to your targeting
  • The keyword used should be included in both content, images, permalinks and meta descriptions


Internal Link Structure

Although the internal link structure on the page is related to the site architecture, it is also very important in internal SEO studies. In your content, you should definitely include links to your other pages that will support each other. This process both adds strength to our site architecture and allows our users to navigate more within the site. The details to be considered when making in-site linking are as follows;

  • Care should be taken to make internal linking on every page of your website
  • Care should be taken to use keywords where links will be given.
  • More links should be output to pages that are more important for your website


Off Page SEO - What is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO, that is, off-site SEO, is the general name given to optimization studies that will be carried out independently of the website. External SEO studies are the studies carried out to gain popularity for your website and to get better results in search engines. It is very important in terms of optimization studies. Off-page SEO work provides great gains for your site. We can divide external SEO work into 6 different categories


Backlink Studies

 Backlink is a term that means back link. Backlink services mean external links provided from one website to another website. It is a very important application for off-site SEO.


Social Media Usage

Social media usage continues to increase day by day. Therefore, you can better represent your brand and website on these platforms. Thanks to social media, it is very easy to reach more users.


Anti-SEO and Harmful Link Analysis

Since the internet environment includes competition, it is possible to be exposed to negative SEO attacks. In particular, the work done by rival companies can put you behind in the ranking and cause you to lose traffic.


Regional SEO

It is a very important work to reach users who make local searches. While doing off- site SEO work, you should definitely include regional SEO work.


Promotional Posts

Promotional articles allow you to create content about your brand and services in off-site sources. Thanks to promotional articles, your brand awareness increases and your organic traffic rate increases.


SEO Performance Measurement Tools

Seo studies and website optimizations are done in order to increase in search results. Performance increase is observed with the right work. The increase in performance depends on the difficulty of the target word and the success of the SEO work.

It is useful to work with professional SEO agencies and examine the SEO packages suitable for you. There are performance metrics that can be used to measure the expected increase from SEO work. These metrics can be tracked with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The metrics to be followed are as follows;

  • Number of Clicks
  • Average Location
  • Number of Views
  • Number of Users Recovered
  • Number of New Users
  • Conversion Rate


What Are the Tools to Help with SEO and What Do They Do?


SEO tools are designed for you to analyze correctly. In this way, it is aimed to work towards increasing your site performance. We have listed the tools that you can get help for SEO work for you.

  • SEO Analysis Tool: It allows you to analyze the internal and external SEO structure of our site, whether it is SEO friendly and the site link structure.
  • Competitor Analysis Tool: Allows you to track the SEO status and ranking of your competitors.
  • Site Speed Test Tool: Allows you to view your site's loading speed on both mobile and desktop
  • Rank Tracker: Helps you find and track your website's position in search engines.
  • Page Performance Monitoring Tool: It allows you to examine your page's click-through rates and conversions.
  • Meta Tag Creation Tool: Meta Tags are included in the HTML code of the website. It gives search engines information about the main topic of the page. With this tool, you can get support in creating Meta Tags for free.
  • XML Sitemap Generator Tool: Sitemap is very important for your website. If you have difficulty creating a sitemap for your site, this tool will make your life easier.
  • Authenticity Testing Tool: It is a tool that allows you to check whether the content you have prepared is unique.
  • Mobile Compatibility Test Tool: It is the tool that performs the mobile compatibility test of your website. It presents you the existing errors on your site.


TOX Media SEO Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Corporate SEO Service
  • Wordpress SEO Service
  • SEO Adword Studies
  • E Commerce SEO Consultancy
  • Backlink Service
  • On-site SEO Service
  • Off-site SEO Service
  • SEO Consulting
  • Site Acceleration
  • SEO Reporting Service
  • SEO Training Service


What is SEO Consulting and SEO Consulting Service?

SEO consultants are people who have knowledge and experience about the algorithms of search engines. SEO consultancy service is to provide you with support in all matters to bring your website


to the top by making the necessary algorithms and studies in search engines. SEO consultants provide you with support on some issues. These are;

  • Your SEO consultant offers you suggestions about the structure of your website
  • Helps to select the keywords that are essential for your business
  • Organizes video marketing and content marketing
  • Gives SEO advice to increase the speed of our website
  • Analyzes your competitors' sites
  • Prepares recommendations to improve user experience
  • Implements the necessary SEO steps
  • Organizes your backlink network
  • Prepares target audience analysis
  • Prepares market analysis


SEO Study Prices

There are many factors affecting the price in SEO service. The sector you compete in, the experience of the company you will receive service for SEO, the number of keywords to work with, keyword difficulty are a few of the factors affecting the price. When comparing prices, the services to be received and the experience of the companies should be compared. Undoubtedly, there will be a price difference between ordinary SEO service and professional SEO service.

There is no fixed price in SEO work prices. The features you specify are taken into consideration when pricing SEO services. As TOX Media, we provide the best SEO service and Google search engine optimization for you with our expert team.

If you are going to receive SEO services, you should definitely work with corporate companies. Thanks to corporate SEO services, your website traffic increases. At the same time, if you work with corporate companies, you can get performance guaranteed SEO service.


What is the Success Secret of TOX Media Family in SEO Studies?

The secret of our success is actually our dynamic and expert staff. Thanks to our expert team at every stage and in every field of SEO service, we provide flawless operation. We do not do SEO work, we pay attention to every detail. We closely follow every process and every process from analysis to planning, from implementation to result follow-up. Doing your job with love ensures our permanence in SEO services. We continue our work with the understanding that making a good start brings success. Thanks to this understanding, we carry out every step of SEO work from the beginning to the end in a professional manner, allowing you to achieve faster results.



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