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Billboard Advertising


Everything You Need to Know About Billboard Ads

The most common places we encounter with this type of advertising are places with heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic. It is the form of advertising that has been used since the day the advertising sector started. At the same time, billboard ads are a popular type of outdoor advertising.

If you want to advertise on billboards to increase your brand awareness and sales, but you don't know where to start and how to proceed, this article is just for you. In the rest of our article, we have compiled detailed information about billboard advertisements, as well as detailed information about billboard advertisement prices and types.


What is a Billboard?

Before we start explaining the steps of billboard advertising, let's share the origin and definition of the word with you. It is derived from the English word billing board. It is translated into Turkish as a poster board. To be more descriptive, the type of outdoor advertisement that is attractively positioned in large sizes in places with heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic is called a billboard. But not every outdoor advertisement is a billboard.


What are Billboard Types?



Classic billboards are advertising vehicles that appear at intersections and roads with heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic.



It is an outdoor advertising vehicle positioned in the center refuges on divided roads. It has a double-sided advertising display area.



They are giant billboards located at intersections and on streets with heavy traffic. The advertising banners inside change with a certain period of time. It has the feature of two-sided advertising. 3 banners can be used in the Megalight system. These glass giant boards have a secure lock system.



Also called road billboards. It is a type of tower type billboard that can be seen from a distance. This billboard advertisement with an average height of 10 meters can be seen from every angle.



The megaboard, which we usually encounter in city centers, crowded streets and intersections, is a giant outdoor advertising vehicle. Megaboard also has an internal lighting system. In this way, it allows advertisements to be noticed in the dark.



It is a type of outdoor advertising used in advertising plans for the target audience using public transportation. It is also aimed to be seen by pedestrians and vehicle drivers passing by bus stops. People waiting for public transportation for a long time can be given the desired message about brands, products or services.


What are Billboard Sizes?

The size of the billboard is 340 cm wide and 190 cm tall as standard. However, it is also possible to see billboards of different sizes depending on the area and location where the billboard is positioned. Before the billboard works are printed, it should be checked whether they are compatible with the billboard. In order not to have problems later, if an error is encountered in the measurements, the errors should be corrected before starting printing. For fast processing and direct printing, the size of the billboard where the advertisement will be positioned should be clarified and the work should be started accordingly.


What are the Costs of Billboard Advertising?

The most important question that haunts everyone who wants to advertise on billboards is the cost of advertising. We can examine billboard advertising costs in three main items.


Billboard Design Costs

The most important point in the advertising process is the design process. The cost varies with the quality of the design. The company you work with is also very important in terms of pricing. There are too many differences between working with a corporate company and working with people who do not have experience in this field.


Billboard Printing Costs

Another item in the cost of advertising is the printing cost. Printing costs vary according to the size and quality of the banner. When comparing printing costs, the quality of the service to be received should be taken into consideration.


Billboard Rental Fees

The most costly cost in the field of advertising is the rental fee. Rental fees vary according to the location of the board.


We recommend that you work with corporate companies that carry out the entire billboard advertising process from one place. If you work with TOX Media, which has proven itself with its work, you will save both time and cost.


What Should Be Considered in Billboard Designs?

There are many companies that advertise. You need to avoid getting lost among these ads and wasting your money. For this, you should pay attention to some points. First of all, it is actually not a correct practice to include a lot of information to fill the entire billboard area. Because billboard advertisements are usually seen by vehicles and pedestrians in motion, the less, remarkable and clear information, the more advantageous it is. For this reason, attention-grabbing and striking information should be used while preparing the design.

It is very difficult for the audience on the move to pay attention to long texts on the billboard. For this reason, you can include short or striking texts rather than long texts, or you can prepare remarkable designs with visuals. The place where the billboard will be located is also very important. To stand out among other advertisements, the design should contrast with the environment.


What are the Advantages of Billboard Ads?

Even though everything is now digitalized, things can sometimes change when it comes to advertising. Sometimes the advertisements in digital media can be found disturbing and can be skipped, or when there is a commercial break on TV channels, the viewer can switch to other channels instead of looking at the ads. This is not the case with billboard ads. It is not possible to skip or ignore your advertisement. At the same time, while the broadcast time is very important in social media and TV ads, your ad continues to be shown 24/7 on billboards. Although billboard advertisements have become traditional due to developing technology and opportunities, they have not lost anything from the effect they have created. Billboard advertisements, which are given by paying attention to the issues we have included in our article, become a lucrative advertising investment contrary to what is thought.

But if you are thinking about how to advertise on billboards, let's explain. Billboard advertising process is a difficult and labor-intensive process from design to printing, from rental to site selection. For this reason, you should definitely work with corporate and experienced companies to have billboard advertising work done. In this way, you will overcome this difficult and tedious process effortlessly and you will start to get results.


TOX Media offers professional services to its customers from the beginning to the end of the process in many areas and places where vehicle and pedestrian traffic is dense throughout Turkey. You can finalize the billboard advertising process effortlessly and successfully by handing it over to TOX Media, which does its job with its professional team.


Some of the provinces we serve as TOX Media are as follows:


  • Istanbul Billboard Advertising
  • Izmir Billboard Advertising
  • Ankara Billboard Advertising
  • Konya Billboard Advertising
  • Eskisehir Billboard Advertising
  • Kocaeli Billboard Advertising
  • Bursa Billboard Advertising
  • Sakarya Billboard Advertising
  • Duzce Billboard Advertising
  • Tekirdag Billboard Advertising


Outdoor Advertising Prices

Outdoor advertising is also called outdoor advertising. Promotions made with applications such as billboards and totems on streets, streets and roads are called outdoor advertising. The history of outdoor advertising dates back to the 1740s. The purpose of this type of advertising, which has not lost anything from its return over the years, is to reach large masses by creating perception and attracting attention.

Outdoor advertising fees vary depending on many factors. For example, the rental period of the billboard is very important. In addition, the place where the advertisement will be published and the size of the board also affect the price in direct proportion.


The expenditures you have made with outdoor advertising return to you more than enough. The important thing is to work with professional companies in the field. The advertisement published in the wrong place and place through corporate and non- specialized companies will not bring you any benefit and will cause you to spend unnecessary and wasted spending.


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