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CLP Bus Stop and Racket Advertising

CLP Billboard

It is the type of outdoor advertisement that we all see the most while driving, walking or waiting for vehicles at bus stops. It is usually placed at the busiest points of the city. This advertising product, which is positioned at the eye level of passengers and pedestrians, earns very high returns. In this article, we will give you detailed information about CLP billboards and CLP billboard and CLP rental. First of all, our aim is that you do not make any mistakes while advertising and get the best results. When you read our article carefully, you will have no question marks in your mind about CLP billboards and CLP prices.


What is CLP?

CLP is the most profitable method in outdoor advertising. CLP, which stands for city ligth poster, is known as a lighted city poster. CLP usage is as follows.

  • Positioned at the city's busiest points
  • It is placed at people's eye level.
  • It is a protected billboard with glass front and back and can be used on both sides.

The reason why CLP billboards are preferred very often is that they are easily noticeable by most people as well as being protected and thus have a high return.


CLP Billboard Sizes and Types

One of the most important things you should know about CLP billboards is that you need to pay attention to two different measurements while working. The first of these measurements is the banner size and the other is the displayed area size. The size you need to pay attention to when printing is the banner size. But when designing, after setting the floor size as the banner size, you need to determine the displayed area size and make the design in this area. The standard CLP banner size is 175 cm x 118.5 cm, while the viewable area size is 172 cm x 115.5 cm.

CLP billboards are divided into three different groups according to the area where they are displayed and the characteristics of the billboard. We can list these three groups as follows:

  1. CLP Racket Advertising: CLP racket advertising is a type of advertising that is usually located in places with high pedestrian traffic. With a piece, it is raised between 40 cm and 60 cm from the ground and brought to eye level. These boards can be used as backlit. At the same time, it can also be designed with a rotating structure thanks to the moving cylindrical mechanism inside. If CLP racket advertising is to be illuminated, the light must be evenly distributed over the entire advertising surface. If a moving mechanism is to be used, the material of the banner to be used is very important. The reason why the quality of the banner material is important is to prevent the rotating mechanism from damaging the banner. You can find detailed information about CLP rocket board rental and CLP racket rental prices by calling us.


  1. CLP Bus Stop Advertising: As the name suggests, CLP Bus Stop billboards are billboards located on the side facades of public transportation stops. In this type of advertisement, advertising banners are displayed on the standing side facade. The purpose of using this type of advertisement is to attract the attention of people while waiting for public transportation and to introduce their company and at the same time to try to make these people interact with the company. To give an example of the best CLP Bus Stop advertising work, we can give an example of the advertisement that a classroom has given to the stops near the school. Thanks to these bus stop advertisements, the classroom advertises to the target audience it wants.


  1. Cylinder CLP Advertising: cylinder CLP billboard is a type of advertising that is designed in such a way that everyone around can see it from all angles, unlike the racket CLP type. These billboards have a 360 degree cylindrical structure. Thanks to the banners placed on 360- degree cylindrical boards, it is aimed to increase the interaction rate. The most up-to-date version of CLP advertising polos are cylinder CLP billboards. This type of advertising is generally used to increase the angle of view of banners displayed in crowded squares and large areas. In this way, it is aimed to reach more farms.


Considerations in CLP Poster Design

When you are going to advertise on the CLP billboard, there are some issues to be considered in banner design.

    • Visual Quality: These billboards, which are usually seen by pedestrians, are perceived at close range. For this reason, even a small mistake should not be made in the poster work. At the same time, you can prepare a more remarkable design thanks to the images used in high resolution. Low resolution images cause the perception of quality to deteriorate.
    • Text Legibility: It is very important that the slogan and the text you prefer on your banner are understandable. In addition, the text must be placed legibly in the design. If you see what overlaps with noon, the texts that are difficult to read are ignored by the target audiences. Your ads will not achieve the results you want because of your articles that are skipped without being read. Especially when placing slogans, it is important to place them in large characters and in a way that will attract attention.
    • Harmony with the Environment: The harmony of the banner with the environment is an issue that is not very important but has an important place in the advertising sector. Your design should be able to contrast with the environment where the board is located.
    • Print Quality: Although CLP billboards are protected, poor quality printing material can damage your advertisement and brand quality. In particular, your printing materials used in moving CLP billboards must be thick and durable enough to prevent damage. You need to pay attention to every detail from the quality of the ink used in printing to the quality of the printing paper. Especially when renting for a long period of time, your banner will fade and lose its attractiveness due to the effect of the sun due to poor quality materials.


CLP Panel Rental

In the CLP billboard rental step, you will come across many different pricing. The reason for this pricing difference is related to the type of CLP advertisement you have chosen. At the same time, the professionalism of the CLP advertising agency you work with and the materials used in printing also affect the price.

In other words, there is a difference between CLP rocket rental fee and bus stop advertising prices. At the same time, the location of the CLP billboard also affects the price. For example, there is a difference between Nişantaşı billboard and Bağdat street billboard prices. You should agree with an agency to get the smooth and most accurate CLP advertising service. As TOX Media, we professionally carry out all CLP advertising work steps for you. We rent the CLP board in the place and region you want. For example, if you want to get Baghdad Street CLP rental or Nişantaşı CLP rental service, we do price studies and target audience research of the most suitable panels in these regions.


What to Consider When Renting a CLP Billboard and Advertising

  • Pay attention to the location of the panel

  • Calculate how many people will see your ad on a daily basis
  • It should be investigated whether the audience that sees your advertisement is suitable for your target audience
  • The return on advertising must be known
  • Panel prices should be investigated
  • If you are going to work with an advertising agency, the advertising agency you will work with should be an expert in its field
  • When deciding on the type of CLP advertisement, the most suitable type of advertisement for your company should be decided
  • Do not advertise for the sake of advertising. All advertising steps should be followed closely when advertising
  • Regardless of the type of CLP advertising you prefer or decide on, your poster design should be impressive and attention should be paid to the quality of the printing materials used afterwards.
  • It is very important to make the necessary analyzes and work in a planned manner before starting the advertising steps.

If you pay attention to the details above, you can get better gains thanks to the advertisements you have given.


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