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Megalight Advertising

What is Megalight?

Megalight in outdoor advertising are internally illuminated billboards designed for indoor and outdoor use. Bill has larger dimensions compared to boots. It is among the most preferred advertisements among outdoor advertisements. It is the type of advertising used by companies that generally want to grow their brand. It is usually positioned on major streets and in places with heavy vehicle traffic. Remember that space is very important in outdoor advertising. The busier and in the right place you place the advertisement, the more the return of the advertisement will be.

Megalight also allows multiple images to be displayed thanks to the rotating mechanism inside. Although there are many types of outdoor advertising, this is actually the most preferred and most striking type.


If you are going to advertise with the megalight method in outdoor advertising, there are some points you should pay attention to and research.

  • Is the location of the megalight board busy?
  • What is the benefit of this billboard for you or your company?
  • What is the average age range of the audience that sees the megalight billboard you have chosen?
  • Does the audience that sees this billboard fit your customer portfolio?
  • How much does a Megalight billboard cost to rent?
  • Where do you need permission to rent a Megalight billboard?
  • Where can I get the printing done for the billboard?
  • Who should I get to design my billboard?


Once you have found answers to all of the questions above, you can start practicing the steps to advertise. Advertising is an action with very difficult steps. You can work with megalight advertising agency in order not to make these analyzes or not to deal with researching the appropriate board for you. By receiving Megalight advertising service, you deliver this challenging process to experts in the field.


Why Megalight Billboard?

One of the most important factors in the preference of Megalight billboards is that they are not affected by any weather conditions thanks to their special design and insulation. In addition, the papers used in these billboards are very high quality materials. Megalight billboards are usually seen in busy and crowded streets, large squares and shopping center entrances. Thanks to its illumination, the advertisements seen in dark weather return to you as a plus and increase the attractiveness of the subject. Megalight billboards, which stand out from many types of outdoor advertising thanks to their stylish appearance and quality structure, respond to all the wishes of the customer. In addition, these boards can be used in a mobile way in line with the advertiser's request. In this way, more than one advertisement is displayed on one billboard.

Fiber megalight papers are quite durable compared to normal paper. These papers, which are resistant to heat, water, some mechanical impacts and wear, are also much larger in size than other paper types. This type of paper is also used in brochure printing, map printing, flags, poster printing. Prints made on fiber megalight papers do not lose their first-day appearance even if a long time passes.


Tox Media Megalight Advertising Services

As Tox Media, we take your requests into consideration and offer the highest quality advertising service, taking into account your budget and target audience, together with the necessary research and analysis. We closely follow all processes from billboard rental to design, from analysis to results and inform you about everything. Don't advertise to advertise! With our philosophy, we ensure that you get better results by choosing the most suitable billboard for you.

With our expert staff in the field, we produce design ideas that will describe and reflect your company in the most accurate and striking way and present them to your liking. We also develop a purchasing strategy for you to make purchases in accordance with your budget and we strive to win in every aspect. We perform the target audience analysis, which is one of the most important things when advertising, in the best way. By choosing billboards in places where your target audience is more dense, we enable you to appeal directly to your target audience.


Megalight Dimensions and Technical Specifications

Megalight billboards can be used as fixed and movable. It is an outdoor advertising work that is more resistant to natural conditions. Thanks to its internal lighting, it is also remarkable in dark weather. There are 2 different models of megalight as 7 square meters and 9 square meters. The 7 square meter model has dimensions of 220 cm x 320 cm, while the 9 square meter model has dimensions of 245 cm x 345 cm.

It is raised with metal feet and has a height of 2.5 - 3 meters in urban areas. This height can reach up to 5 meters if it appeals to highways and large areas. These feet can be produced from stainless materials or metal and glass. 5+5 transparent laminated glass is used on the front of the Megalight panels to protect the visuals. This glass is more advantageous than flat glass because it does not disperse even if it breaks. Megalight billboards can be produced as single-sided or double-sided. 3 different visuals can be used on one surface of the movable billboard. In double-sided and moving billboard work, a total of 6 images can be used.


Megalight Prices

As we explained above, there is no fixed price policy. Advertising prices on mega light billboards vary due to many factors. Undoubtedly, the most important thing that affects the price is the rental cost of the billboard. The cost of renting a billboard increases in direct proportion to the space and busyness. Apart from this, one of the areas you will spend while advertising is the cost of advertising design. This cost may vary according to the design you want and the company you work with. Design works are prepared in the size of the billboard you have chosen, and the printing stage is started upon your approval. Many different price options come to you in printing. This price diversity occurs as the print size and the material of the paper to be printed change. As Tox Media, we carry out all advertising works for you, providing professional service and striving for you to get the best results.


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