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Outdoor Advertising

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What is Outdoor Advertising?

If we need to explain outdoor advertising in a simple way, we can say all the advertisements we see outside during the day. It is a type of advertisement made with promotions positioned on streets and roads. It started in 1740 and is still preferred today. The aim of outdoor advertising is to reach wider audiences by creating a good perception with remarkable moves.

Thanks to outdoor advertising, companies have become more memorable today. You can find all the necessary explanations about outdoor advertising in the rest of our article.


What are the Advantages of Digital Outdoor Advertising?

  • Thanks to Outdoor Advertising products, you can reach the target audience quickly and easily.

  • Smarter than other types of advertising
  • Outdoor ads increase brand awareness and promotion
  • Your advertisements add prestige to your company

Billboard, CLP Durak ve megalight reklam örnekleri

What are the Types of Outdoor Advertising?



These are advertising tools positioned in places where vehicle and pedestrian traffic is dense. Although it is a very old type of advertisement, it has not lost its popularity.



The first choice of prestigious companies that do not compromise on quality. The purpose of outdoor advertisements is to attract attention and make an impact on people. One of the best types of advertisements that achieve this is giantboard advertisements. This type of advertisement covers a very large area and attracts attention thanks to its special lighting.


Luna Billboard

It is the name given to billboard boards that can be used on both sides located on sidewalks, roadsides and stops. It is generally used in areas where traffic flows on both sides.



It is an outdoor advertising product that stands at a high position on the roadside and intersections where vehicle traffic is heavy. Its most prominent feature is that it is illuminated and framed. Megalight panels can be used indoors and outdoors. Their sizes are larger than the billboard. This type of advertisement appeals more to people traveling by vehicle. It is especially located in shopping mall entrances and crowded areas.



It is one of the types of outdoor advertising that exceeds 10 meters in height and has an average advertising area of 72 square meters. They are advertisements that can be seen from every angle


Building Cladding

It is the name given to the painting and visual coating work applied to the large surfaces of the buildings, which are usually located in the center of the city or on the sides of the highway.



It is a product that brands usually use in open areas and street sides in order to increase their recognition. It can be prepared both illuminated and unilluminated. Generally, totem signs are designed to attract the attention of customers or to advertise the product.


Bus and Vehicle Dressing

The advertising sector is updated with more and more different ideas every day. Outdoor advertising types are as open to development as traditional advertisements. Bus wrapping advertisements in outdoor advertising are very popular recently.



City light posters, which stands for City light poster, are considered the shining star of outdoor advertising. They are advertisements that are usually positioned at the busy points of cities and at the eye level of people. The front and back are enclosed with glass. The standard CLP banner size is 175 cm x 118.5 cm. They are defined in 3 different ways according to the place where they are exhibited and the characteristics of the panel.

  • Racket CLP: Generally positioned in places with high pedestrian traffic. They are frame advertisements positioned at eye level 40 to 60 centimeters above the ground. These billboards can be backlit or fueled by a moving mechanism in which the ads rotate in sequence.
  • Stop CLP: These are billboards usually positioned on the side facades of public transportation stops.
  • Cylinder CLP: The difference from Racket CLP is the type of advertisement designed to be perceived from all angles. Thanks to the banner placed on a 360-degree cylindrical board, your ad viewing rate increases.


Wall and Roof Ads

Roof and wall advertisements are one of the most effective signage advertisements today.


Electric Pole (Polebanner)

It is the type of advertisement that is at the top of the advertising planning of many brands and that you often see on poles on the roadside.


Outdoor Advertising Agency

We have answered the questions of what is outdoor advertising and what are the types of outdoor advertising in detail. Let's examine together what is an outdoor advertising agency and what are its services.

The most important feature of outdoor advertising service is that it is easily recognizable by the target audience. Outdoor advertising agency creates, plans and manages advertisements for its clients.

The duties of the advertising agency are as follows;

  • Makes competitor and audience analysis
  • Decides the best type of outdoor advertising for the company
  • Carries out design studies in accordance with the decided advertisement type
  • Plans when and where to advertise
  • The necessary procedures for the place where the advertisement will be published are taken care of
  • Carries out the necessary rental transactions related to outdoor advertising.

The provinces we serve as TOX Media are as follows;

  • Istanbul Outdoor dvertising

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Capture the Attention of Your Audience

Many companies have become recognized thanks to outdoor advertising. Thanks to outdoor advertising, you appeal to a wider audience and thus gain prestige. Day by day, outdoor advertising has also developed and moved to a more advanced dimension. The most logical way to create a promotion and perception is outdoor advertising.


The Impact of Advertising on People

Outdoor advertising is the best way to reach the desired audience. With outdoor advertising types, companies promote their brands better. The most important thing to consider in outdoor advertising is to choose the right location and the right design.

The purpose of outdoor advertising is to make an impact on people and to promote companies better. The most critical point you should pay attention to in this regard is to decide on the most accurate outdoor advertising type. Outdoor advertising types should be evaluated one by one and decided analytically.


Outdoor Advertising Fees

Outdoor advertising prices vary as they can be rented on a monthly and weekly basis. In addition, the location and type of advertisement also affect the pricing.


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