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TV Advertising

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TV Advertising

One of the traditional advertising channels, TV commercials, also known as broadcast advertisements, are impressive, memorable, and reassuring as well as great at providing access to a wide audience. For this reason, TV ads are a very effective type of advertising in advertising media.


Television Ads, which reach millions of people at the same time and are one of the channels where your brand's prestige will increase the fastest, shortens the time to convince your target audience. Television, which raises your brand in terms of prestige in a much shorter time than many other channels, increases trust in the brand through TV advertisements.


TV Advertising


TOX Media selects Television advertisements in a planned and suitable way for the target audience. TOX Media performs target audience analysis for you and determines the most suitable television channels for your target audience. At the same time, it will be your solution partner in terms of when and in which program you should advertise.


There are various types of television advertisements such as banner advertisements, spot advertisements, promotional advertisements, product placements, and, finally, sponsor advertisements;


TV Advertising Types

  • Banner Advertisement

It is the type of TV advertisement that appears on the screen during the broadcasted program, match or series, with a maximum duration of eight seconds, not exceeding 1/5 of the screen. The banner advertisement displayed at the bottom of the screen is one of the applications that attracts the most attention of the audience. Banner advertisements are television advertisements that are very fast and effective in delivering the message that the companies want to give to the consumer.

  • Spot Advertising

It is a type of television advertisement that covers the entire screen and is broadcast between programs or series, and is shown as full screen, starting right after the credits. Since it is created from image and sound, it is effective in attracting the attention of the audience.


  • Promotional Advertising

It is a television advertisement that takes place in the form of a presentation in the relevant program environment/flow, adhering to a certain scenario, in order to introduce the product/service in detail and to convey information about the product/service within the agreed period of time.

  • Sponsored Advertisement

The types of ads that appear at the beginning and end of programs, at the beginning and end of the Inter-Program ad generation. It is named as the main sponsor of the program. It is a TV commercial with the titles present at the beginning of the program, presented at the end, continue as the commercials begin, and continue at the end of the commercials.

  • Product Placement Ads

Product placement is a type of television advertisement featuring branded products and services in a video production aimed at a large audience. Also known as "embedded marketing" or "embedded advertising," product placements are often found in movies, television shows, personal videos, and less commonly live performances.

  • Logo, Subtitle and Frame Advertisement

It is the advertisement of the product or service as a subtitle, showing it as a logo or the image appearing on the screen without breaking the integrity of the program.

Tematik ve Uluslararası kanallar

The Importance of TV Ad Audience Selection

The most important issue when giving TV advertisements will be the correct selection of the target audience. TOX Media understands and analyzes your target audience and prepares an advertisement plan for the most suitable channel series and programs for you.


It would not be a right choice and advertising strategy for a brand serving the business world to take part in daytime women's programs. It would be a more appropriate advertising strategy for a brand serving the business world to advertise in thematic (news) channels.


So What Type Of Advertisement Should I Advertise?

Although spot advertisements (full screen advertisements) are eye-catching the audience can change the channel or move away from the TV screen when they switch to spot advertisements during the series or the program. In this case, it means that lower-band ads are more valuable.

Spot ve Altbant reklam örneği

The advantage of sub-band ads is that they appear on the bottom panel during broadcast. Thus, our audience sees your ad during the broadcast. Low-band ads are important for high ROI-focused advertising.


TV Advertising Prices

TV Advertising Prices may vary from channel to program, due to factors such as (OPT) daytime or (PT) evening.

As TOX Media, we ensure that the right advertisement reaches the right target audience in the right channels with our professional outdoor advertising team.


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