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Corporate Website

Corporate Website

Today, organizations communicate their work or the products they will sell to users through their websites. Unfortunately, websites, which are increasing day by day with the widespread use of the Internet, may not always be at the desired performance. Your website should be easy, fast and understandable in terms of usability. It is not difficult to reach large masses thanks to your properly prepared website.

Many users who want to set up a website or have a website made can face websites that are difficult to use and can create problems in terms of design. For this reason, it is necessary to be very careful when setting up a website or having it prepared. Otherwise, a poorly prepared website may cause loss of audience.


How Should a Corporate Website Be?

The answer to this question may differ according to everyone. How your site should be differs depending on the size of your company and the work it does. But the following 9 features should be on all corporate websites.

  • The domain name you choose should be relevant to your site content. It should also reflect your company well.
  • The content of your site should be prepared in an original way.
  • While preparing the site, logos and designs, text and background colors should be prepared in harmony.
  • Flash and javascript applications used in the site should not cause access problems.
  • Menus should be easily accessible.
  • You should definitely create a contact section where your visitors can reach you.
  • Your corporate website should support all browsers and run smoothly.
  • Meta tags and link structure should be organized on your site, taking into account search engines.
  • Your site must be registered with Google and other search engines. Because if no one knows about your site, no matter how good your site is, it makes no sense.


Corporate Website Design

The functionality of the website is as important as its design. In other words, a product, service or idea must be well communicated to the user. Your company's corporate identity should be taken into consideration while preparing the website design. In terms of integrity, colors and graphics suitable for your logo should be preferred on your site.

How should a successful corporate website and design look like?

  • It should be up-to-date and successful in terms of design.
  • Designs that provide sufficient information to the user and have original content should be selected.
  • It should have a fast loading interface.
  • Its content should be constantly updated.
  • The site should have a planned advertising flow. The site should be promoted in the right way and to the right audience.

A corporate and successful website should include the features mentioned above. These features should be taken into consideration when building a new site or setting up a site.


Website Prices

The priority of our company is to design websites that step out of the standards and step into the future. It is possible to have a website design suitable for your budget. There is no fixed price understanding in website pricing. Price study is prepared according to the project and request. Website prices will vary with the theme, content and plugins you choose, as well as special requests affect the price.

As TOX Media, we provide professional service to all requests of our customers and design fast and mobile compatible sites. Leave your competitors behind with your website.

Contact us to make a corporate website. With our years of experience and expert staff, we will prepare your stylish, simple, fast and reliable website at affordable prices. It is not difficult to achieve success with a website that reflects your company in the right way and has flawless and original content. The important thing is to make a deal with the right company and not regret it. When price comparison is made, it must be compared in the works to be done. Otherwise, a website that you have made because it is cheap may disappoint you and cause you to fall behind our competitors in the ranking.



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