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Website Prices

What is a Website and How Price Policy Works

We all often hear this word every day. But you may not know exactly what a website means. Nowadays, almost every business has an online site. Despite this, it can be a little difficult to understand the real essence of a website. Questions such as how the website is created, how the system works in the background, how Google recognizes the website may be confusing you. Don't worry, in the content of our article, you can find answers that will erase all the questions in your head. Also, if you are wondering how to set up your own website, continue reading our article.


What is a Website?

Websites are used to share their own domain name and space allocated to them. Today, its use has become quite widespread. This is due to the fact that everyone joins the internet environment day by day.

The information on a website is usually a combination of text, images and videos used to describe an event.


A Brief History of Websites

The first known website was published in 1991. Of course, websites have evolved a lot since then. Perhaps more important than any other is the continuous development of HTML and CSS. There are sites and interfaces that help you at every point, from site setup to design.


Should You Create Your Own Website?

With the increasing use of the internet day by day, more and more people or companies are stepping into the digital environment by setting up their own sites. Websites can be used in many different areas. From company promotion to selling products, it allows you to share your thoughts through the block or transfer your own skills to users. If you are wondering what a personal website is, these sites can be called sites that allow people to show who they are online, their skills, in short, all their personal information. In fact, a personal website serves a similar function as a resume or portfolio.

Today, many people now have a personal website for career planning. We strongly encourage and recommend everyone to set up a website of their own. Thanks to this site you can improve your online presence. To set up a website, you don't necessarily need to be familiar with languages such as html. With a simple website builder, you can easily create a site of your own. Site builders can easily drag and drop any element or plugin to your site without coding. You can also immediately see how your site will look in the process and make changes wherever you want. If you do not want to make a site with a site builder but do not have coding knowledge, you can contact TOX Media


website agency and benefit from the website service and get detailed information about personal websites.


Types of Websites

If you have decided to create a website, you need to know what the types of websites are. Understanding the differences between these types will make your job easier. You can find detailed information about website types in the rest of our article.


Corporate Website

The sites created to promote the company or its products in order to communicate with the audience of brands and companies are called corporate websites.


E-Commerce Website

E-commerce website is the showcase where the company puts its products on sale in digital environment. It is established to facilitate the meeting and exchange between buyers and sellers.


Blog Site

These are websites created by people who write sincerely about the subject decided in line with their interests or wishes without requiring technical knowledge. Sometimes it also creates a diary atmosphere.


Wordpress Website

Wordpress website is a CMS, a content management system. This means that all kinds of content can be published on such websites.


Web Site Building Agencies

As TOX Media, we are within the agencies that make websites. We provide website agency services professionally with our expert staff. As a price policy, we aim to do the desired work in the most appropriate way. When you will have a website, you will see that website prices vary. There are many different factors in the variability of website prices. If you need to give an example, the difference between personal website prices and e-commerce website prices can be given as an example. While there are fewer plugins, settings and page editing on personal websites, you need to intervene on many pages on e-commerce sites. Since you adjust and edit every detail from the cart page to the payment page, it will cost more than a personal website.

To put it more simply, corporate website prices are shaped in line with the wishes and demands of the customer. Special software website prices and Wordpress site prices are undoubtedly different from each other.

For those who want to make their own website in a simple way, there are also expenses to be made. The most important of these costs is undoubtedly the domain name and hosting payment. In addition, even if you are going to buy a ready-made website, you need to pay a website setup fee.


What are the Factors Affecting Website Setup Price?

To compare website setup prices, you first need to decide what kind of website you want and the features of the site. In addition, whether SEO work will be done while making the website also affects the prices. Ready template It is not correct to compare a website with a website with special software. To explain with a simple illustration, you can buy ready-made website packages starting from 2500 TL, as well as a more equipped and corporate website. As TOX Media, it will benefit you to carry out SEO work at the same time, which we recommend to all our customers and is actually very important for site setup. When setting up a website, you should also get information about Seo packages. The ceo service you will receive for your website will allow your site to grow faster. You can have corporate SEO, standard website Seo, or e-commerce SEO work. When deciding on the Seo service package you will receive, you should talk to the agency you have worked with and choose the most suitable package and method for you.


Wordpress Site Setup Fee

If you have decided to set up a Wordpress site, you must first purchase a domain name, hosting and SSL certificate. After these purchases are completed, the Wordpress plugin is installed on the site. After this process, you can install either a paid Wordpress theme or a free Wordpress theme. After the theme installation step is completed, you will encounter a ready website. After the necessary settings and corrections are made, you can proceed to your site by entering content. Although it seems so easy, if you do not need much coding knowledge, but you do not know how to make the necessary settings and plugin management, it may take you a lot of time to set up a site. You need to be very careful on this path that you step on because the prices of having a website made are not reasonable for you or because you want to. Although coding is not required, the slightest mistake can have irreversible consequences on the site.

If you do not want to deal with these steps or if you want to get professional support, you can call us and get detailed information about professional website prices or average website prices.


What are Website Snap-ins?

One of the most important things you need to know about the website is the concepts of domain name and hosting. Wrongly preferred and web hosting is an unnecessary and wasted expenditure in terms of the costs of opening a website. When choosing hosting, you should examine the features it contains and choose the hosting package that suits you best.


Web Hosting

It is the parameter that gives websites a space to host and allows them to be viewed online. For you to understand more clearly, the servers that store the information, themes and images in the background of the website are called web hosting. Your server allows your site to be displayed on the screen of people who want to enter your site. When setting up a website, you need to get a web hosting.



The address of your site on the internet is called a domain. Thanks to the domain name, your site is more easily recognized online. If your preferred domain name reflects the content of the site, it also increases memorability. Domain names are similar to fingerprints. The domain name that belongs to you is only yours. Any other person cannot take your domain name.


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