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Wordpress Website

What is a Wordpress Site?

To put it in the most understandable way, just as smartphones need software such as iOS or Android to work, content management systems such as Wordpress are needed to prepare the website.

Wordpress, which allows you to create new publications and pages, is the most widely used and easiest interface among content management systems. WordPress is an open source website creation tool written in PHP.


What kind of sites can be made using Wordpress?

Thanks to its wide range of plugins, it is a platform where you can create all kinds of websites. Some of the types of sites that can be created with Wordpress are as follows;

  • Corporate website
  • Online sales site
  • Blog site
  • Portfolio site
  • Forum site
  • Chat rooms
  • News portal
  • Online magazine site
  • Sites requiring membership
  • Sites requiring online booking
  • Question and answer sites
  • Media sites like YouTube...


Most of the websites on the internet are built with wordpress. Many large companies, businesses, news, magazine sites, as well as many athletes and musicians prefer wordpress to reach large audiences.


But Why Wordpress?

Wordpress is a completely free content management system. Unless you prefer a paid theme or plugin, you do not pay any fees for anything other than domain, hosting and SSL certificate in Wordpress site construction.

Since it is an open source content management system, you can use it for free and modify the software as you wish. Many content management systems limit your level of control and require you to purchase a premium package to have more authority. But with Wordpress, the content and


infrastructure of your site is fully in your hands. In this way, when you want to move your site, you have all the authority.

People without coding knowledge can easily create a site with Wordpress. In addition, thanks to more than 5000 free themes, you can give your site the look you want. In addition, you can make a difference by purchasing the wordpress theme you want.

You can use any of over 50,000 free plugins to add functionality to your website. One of the biggest features of the WordPress content management system is that you can easily handle many things related to your site such as SEO, speed, security and broken links with plugins.

You can also create titles, tags and meta descriptions for the pages and posts of our site thanks to the Wordpress interface. Organizing this content will give you an advantage in terms of SEO. Thanks to plugins such as Yoast SEO, you are directed to optimize SEO work on every page you work on.

You should prefer Wordpress site construction because in addition to so many features, it is a very important detail that it informs when it comes to updating and that the update is completed within seconds.



Professional Wordpress Consulting Service

When you receive Wordpress support service or corporate wordpress consultancy service from TOX Media, you will be under the management of an expert in his business and every step from the installation of our site to SEO operations will be carried out professionally.

TOX Media provides services with professional and expert teammates in every step from domain and hosting purchase to e-mail setup, from SSL installation to DNS settings, from Wordpress theme installation to Wordpress site setup.

It is enough to specify how you want our site to have a function and certain details. Our teammates prepare your site for you in the most useful way and attract the attention of customers with the content they prepare.



Wordpress Site Design Prices and Installation Service

Although it seems easy to create a website through Wordpress, it is actually a very laborious task. Because you can completely lose your site due to the slightest mistake. In addition, if you do not organize your site speed and site functionality in the best way, you may encounter audience and customer loss. You need to be very careful when organizing content on pages such as about us, contact, products and home page that you organize with Wordpress. The content you create should be both suitable for SEO and 100% original content. It is very easy for the sites prepared by paying attention to these details to be visible on Google and to rise in the rankings.

While designing the website, help should be obtained from the yogurt press and design company. Thanks to the Wordpress consultancy service, a more effective website can be prepared.

You can contact us to get help in processes such as setting up a site with Wordpress or Wordpress site acceleration.


You Can Have the Website of Your Dreams

We are here with professional website setup and service. The work we do is the guarantee of the work we will do. Our priority is customer satisfaction and requests. If you have set up a wordpress website but things did not go the way you want, you can get help by contacting our wordpress customer service. TOX Media, which is among the leading companies in Wordpress agency services, solves all your problems about Wordpress usage service.

We work with all our strength for you to have the website of your dreams and we perform all necessary operations in the field of SEO.



Things to Consider in Wordpress Site Setup

  1. Determining the Details of Your Content: It is very important to prepare a draft about your content before starting site construction. Thanks to this draft, site preparation processes are carried out more easily.
  2. Domain Name Selection: The domain name you use actually represents your brand face. For this reason, you should choose domain names that are easy to pronounce and memorable.
  3. Hosting Service: Today, there are many sites that provide hosting services. Good research is required to get the right web hosting service.
  4. Wordpress Theme Selection: Your theme is as important as the content of your site. Choosing a theme that is not suitable for our content and your company throws you back.
  5. Wordpress Site Setup: It is very easy to set up a site through Wordpress, but it should be known that there are many step-by-step processes after installation. In this regard, it is essential to work with Wordpress agency and get support. Not getting support for site construction can result in frustration, especially for beginners and newcomers to Wordpress.
  6. SEO Work: If the desired website has been created after the necessary domain name and hosting purchase is completed, the most important thing to pay attention to is SEO work. SEO work allows you to appear on Google search pages. SEO work is divided into many areas within itself. You need to work with a professional agency to benefit from services such as corporate SEO work, e-commerce SEO work, Wordpress SEO work.


Most Common Wordpress Errors

  • White page error
  • Max upload file size, i.e. maximum file size limit error
  • Theme installation errors
  • Wordpress admin panel login error
  • 404 page error
  • Site speed questions
  • 500, 502, 504, 505 errors
  • Syntax error
  • Error creating database connection
  • Temporary folder lost error

You need to get professional support for the errors we listed above and all other problems and errors. The slightest mistake can cause you to lose our site.



TOX Media Wordpress Services

  • Editing encountered Wordpress errors
  • Wordpress site setup
  • Wordpress theme selection
  • Wordpress plugin settings
  • Wordpress SEO work
  • Site design
  • Contact form editing
  • Wordpress infrastructure arrangements
  • Wordpress site acceleration
  • Editing a broken Wordpress design
  • Increase site opening speed and opening score
  • 24/7 Wordpress site customer consultancy
  • Content management
  • Wordpress site ad management
  • We provide many services such as mail setup and solving problems related to mail.


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